How to achieve more definition

11011205_717209238410863_4535680932499365237_nBefore my new routine (left) and after my new routine (right)

Two weekends ago, I went to Caressa in order to attend the ‘concert’ of Nicky Jam in Amsterdam. I asked her if she could do my hair and I was thinking of curl formers. However, she wanted to try something new with my¬†hair and this resulted in bouncy curls! Continue reading

DIY: Lighten your hair

Hi guys!

This article is especially for women with dark hair who would like to lighten their hair without having to color it with ammoniak.

Since I still have Henna in my hair, I am not able to color my hair, so during the summer I tried some alternative methods. I came up with a DIY recipe to lighten my hair which you can also use!

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