How to prevent heat damage

Hi guys!

If you’re thinking about grabbing that flat iron but you’re not sure how to avoid heat damage, I have some simple tips for you.


  • Heat protectant
    Do not use heat without a heat protectant, the chance of getting heat damage without using a heat protectant is much bigger than if you use one. It is also better to actually use a heat protectant product and not an oil.
  • Dry hair
    Do not flat iron your hair if it is still wet. If you don’t want to blow dry, just air dry.
  • Direct heat
    Another option for blow drying before flat ironing is a protective style. I like to use curlformers or roller sets on my hair and air or sit under a hooded dryer and afterwards I will flat iron my hair.
  • Temperature
    It is best to have a flat iron that has a temperature control. You can adjust the settings your self and prevent from flat ironing your hair on a temperature that is too high.


These were some small tips that will make your chance on heat damage far less. Please keep in mind that the more you flat iron your hair, the more prone it is to heat damage as well. Try not to do it very often.



S.O.S: My hair is not growing

“Long hair, don’t care” That’s what they say (What does it mean though?)

A few months ago, I noticed that my hair was not growing…at least that is what I thought. My hair was (and still is) thick and very difficult to detangle. Besides, the shrinkage is real…I think that my hair shrinks by 50 percent.

I decided to analyze my hair care routine and guess what? My routine was not promoting growth, it was promoting breakage instead. My new routine not makes my hair grow; it makes my hair much healthier. You are curious now, huh? I am not going to let you wait, read more about my hair care routine…


1. The magical oils

Castor oil, Rosemary-mint oil, Amla oil, these oils are going to be your best friends until you finally reach your hair length goal.

In the past, I only used castor oil. I noticed some growth; however, my hair became so thick! Of course, having some volume is awesome…but, it makes the detangling process very difficult. Luckily, Caressa told me that I have to mix castor oil with another oil in order to avoid this.

2. Protective styling

As I mentioned earlier, type 4 hair has less natural protection than other hair types. Therefore, it requires us to do some protective or low manipulation styling. Sundays are my wash days, I close my wash routine with either braiding my hair or applying flexi rods.

 3. Drink lots of water

Why? Water is not only healthy; it is the key to shiny and moisturized hair. So try to drink 2 liters water a day and this helps you hair to stay OK.

 4. Finger detangling

At the beginning of the detangling process, you should detangle your curls carefully with your fingers. The chances of breaking your hair are considerably smaller than detangling your hair with a comb. However, if you have some huge knots it is better to use a comb.

5. Scalp massage

Massaging your scalp stimulates hair growth, because it helps the blood circulation to your scalp. Besides, repeatedly massaging your scalp improves the shape of your hair. Two minutes a day is enough, you can do it at any moment: when watching television, when trying to relax during work or right before pre-poo!


Xoxo Whitney

Updated Curly Hair Routine

Hi guys,

It was time for an updated curly hair routine since it changed slightly since the last one. I went back to using leave in conditioners instead of rinse out conditioners for extra moisture, and I added some new products to my regular wash n go’s.  In addition, I wear my styles for much longer, at least 8 days. Before this was around 4/5 days. While you’re at it, have a look at our other youtube video’s!

X Caressa


Favorite products 1st Q 2015

As I mentioned in my previous posts I noticed my hair was becoming healthier. This was achieved because of good hair products and protective hair styling. The former will be discussed this week.



African Pride – Shea Butter Miracle (Leave-In conditioner)

Searching for something which helps you moisturize your hair? This is the right product. I actually think that this would be a good substitute of the Shea Moisture coconut-hibiscus line. Both products have exactly the same effect on my hair. Nevertheless, the leave-in conditioner of Shea Moisture is more water based. Thus, if you have a very heavy hair texture you should probably consider this product.




Dark and lovely – Au Naturale anti-shrinkage

The fragrance of this product is amazing! This is probably due to its ingredients: Mango Oil and bamboo milk. I do not know how the latter one smells, but I know that the former one smells delicious.

This product is for tight curls and coils. What a coincidence, that is how I would describe my hair texture. There is a disadvantage about this product…it makes my hair clutter…The knots are unbelievably painful. Thus, I only use it when braiding or finger coiling my hair.  When doing so, my curls POP.



Alter Ego – Coconut deep conditioning mask

This mask is my savor. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating…just a little bit. But after the treatment, my hair is easier to detangle; soft and shiny. In the past, my mother used to purchase this one for my sister and I decided to try it. Consequently, this conditioner is always in my bathroom.


Dabur – Amla oil

I know that lots of people do not like the smell of this oil…but I love it. I think I am weird. But this oil motivates hair growth and it makes my hair really soft. I noticed that my curls became longer and stronger…So, I am super happy!

My other favorite oils? Olive oil, Almond oil and coconut oil.

Castor oil? No, I pass.

Shea Moisture coconut-hibiscus line

Luckily, I went to the States in 2014. You could probably imagen that this girl here went crazy when it comes to purchasing hair products. As mentioned earlier, my hair was damaged because of the chloride in the water of America. But this product line really did some damage control!

Normally, I have to switch products every quarter. But my hair is enjoying the presence of this product line. I have to mention that I solely use the conditioners (both regular as well as leave-in); the curl enhancing smoothie and the cleansing conditioner. The shampoo is very expensive in the Netherlands; otherwise I would use it as well.

I only use the coconut conditioning mask, when I am finger coiling or applying finger rods to my hair. I do not really feel like it works very well…

I have type 4 hair and Caressa has type 3b hair. Hence, I would say that this line is suitable for hairtype 2, 3 and 4.


Tresemmé Naturals Line

“Can I get an amen!?”


The conditioner of this line makes the wash routine much easier. Normally, I would even get a chair in order to detangle my hair. Let me emphasize this horror: finger detangling was impossible. But then, Tresemmé Naturals conditioner jumped into my life. Caressa told me that they changed the ingredients; perhaps some of you were using it and noticed this as well.

I use the shampoo once a week and I like it, because it makes my hair soft. I often experienced that my hair many knots because of the shampoo. However, this shampoo makes my hair soft and my scalp clean.


Do you also have favorite hair products? Share them with us!

Xx Whitney Rochette



How to: take care of 4a hair type

Taking care of my hair has been a struggle in 2014. Well, I think I had to get to know my hair…I have made so many mistakes, such as: following Youtubers who had a different hair texture, frequently changing hair products (actually confusing my hair) and dying my hair with harsh chemicals.

My hair type is both 3c and 4a. Hair type 4 is probably the hair texture, which requires extra care; since it is more fragile than any other hair types. This texture has less cuticle layers, which means that it has less natural protection.


Avoid chemicals

You should use products which consist of  natural ingredients. Sheamoisture and Miss Jessie’s offer great products.

 “Girl, that really does not work for me!”

Switching from chemical based products to natural products will cause a temporary shock to your hair. You need to give your hair the chance to adjust to the new products. Once your curls are used to the ingredients of the new products, you will notice that your hair will become healthier.

(It takes at least a month for my curls to adjust to new hair care products)


If you want to dye your hair, you could best apply red henna on your hair. Why? Red (!) henna does not consist of any chemicals. This powder gives your hair shine; makes it stronger; temporarily makes your hair texture less heavy, which leads to less battles with your comb (less breakage)

Hair routine

I wash my hair one time a week. If you wash your hair frequently, you are actually manipulating your hair which means more breakage and less growth. I used to wash my hair two – three times a week. Consequently, there was lots of breakage and I could not retain length.

Before washing my hair, I pre-poo my hair. Basically, I apply Alma oil on my hair and I finger detangle my curls. After an hour I start my wash routine (using natural hair products). After shampooing my hair, I deep condition my hair for at least one hour. Lastly, I apply a conditioner in my hair in order to facilitate the detangling process.

Protective styling

Protective styling is a must! As I mentioned earlier, hair type 4 has fewer cuticle layers, consequently there is less natural protection. Thus, it is up to you to take measures in order to protect your hair against weather circumstances, breakage etcetera.

My favorite protective styling? Flexi rods. We shared a video on our YOUtube channel in which Caressa explains how she applies flexi rods on her hair. I will share my version, very soon! But you can get an idea from the picture below.


Night routines

During the evening, I usually apply jojoba oil to my hair. This makes my hair very soft and shiny. Thereafter, I stick my hair in a pineapple bun and voila!

However, it really depends on how my hair looks. If it is frizzy I will either braid my hair or wrap my curls around flexi rods. As I mentioned earlier, I try to not manipulate my hair in order to give it the chance to grow, to reduce breakage and lessen frizz.


Do you want to share your own tips? Comment below!

Xoxo Whitney