Heatless Curls: Curlformers

I’ve been trying out different kind of hairstyles lately that don’t require any straightening iron or curling iron. The first thing I started out with were Curlformers, which I will write about now. How to achieve heatless curls with flexi-rods, click here.


Curlformers come in different sizes and packages. I have the styling kit for extra long hair up to 55 cm (22″). The package comes with 40 extra long & wide curlformers and two hooks. They can be used on any type of hair but the curlier your hair, the longer the style lasts.


DSCN0718 Curlformers on my sister’s hair who is currently transitioning.


I always do my curlsformers on freshly washed hair with a leave in conditioner and a styling gel. I install the curlformers on damp hair, rather than soaking wet. By applying enough styling gel, the curls come out very shiny and not frizzy.


First, I inserted the hook in the curlformer and take a small section of hair. I applied some gel to the section of hair and secure the hook with the opening facing up onto the section of hair. I slide the curlformer a bit over the hair and gently pull the hook at the end. The curlformer bounces up on its own after taking the hook out.


The curlformer application is much more time consuming than Flexi-Rods, but is is very easy once you get the hang of it. They are much more comfortable than the Flexi-Rods and I usually always sleep with my curlformers and take them out the next morning, but it is also possible to sit under a hooded dryer.



L: after taking out the curlformers. R: After seperating the curls for more volume


Besides wash n go’s, this is one of my favorite hairstyles, but the curlformers are more expensive than Flexi-Rods, so I would recommend going for flexi rods, if you are not going to  use curlformers a lot of times. In the Netherlands, they can be bought in some beauty supply stores in Amsterdam or online at Curly Emporium.


X Caressa